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Android stripped sweet to your brand with a new logo and a simplified name

In 2009, Google introduced Android 1.5 Cupcake. It was an important update for the nascent operating system since it introduced an on-screen keyboard, but it was also the first update of the version in use a schema with themes of “sweet” bearing the name of some kind of dessert or treat. Cupcake gave way to the Donut and, after some updates, which included names like Lollipop, KitKat and Marshmallow, it came to Android 9 Foot in 2018.

Now, 10 years later, Google is retiring the names sugary for updates on your version of Android, starting with Android 10 Q, which will now be called simply Android 10. The reasoning from Google behind this change is simple: the names with themes of desserts did not translate well to the global audience.

“The letters L and R are indistinguishable when spoken in some languages,” the company said in a posting on its official blog. “Then, when some people heard us say ‘Android Lollipop’ in a loud voice, it was not intuitively clear that he was referring to the version that came after KitKat. It is even more difficult for new Android users, who are not familiar with the naming convention, you know if your phone is running the latest version. We also know that the ‘feet’ are not a dessert in some places, and that the marshmallows or marshmallows, while they are delicious, are not a candy popular in many places.”

The new naming scheme is simple and easy to understand, even though —obviously— is not so fun. It looks more like the operating system Apple’s iOS, that increases in numeric value, each year (last year was iOS 12, and this year is iOS 13).

But with Android, the theme of the dessert is not all that is changing.

The Android robot and its new logo

Google had already given a makeover to the brand’s original Android 2014. Five years later, it was time to change things again. The style itself has been reduced a bit compared to the variant previously and now the letters are black instead of green. In addition, his iconic robot (which if you didn’t know is called Bugdroid), has also been incorporated into the logo, poking the head with its typical antenitas.

android renueva marca y logotipo rebrand

Google has also changed a bit the tone of Bugdroid and has implemented a new palette of colors, but there is a good explanation for it. “It’s a small change, but we discover that the green was difficult to see, especially for people with visual impairment,” explains the blog post of Google. “The logo and the brand identity are often combined with colors that can hinder vision, so that we came up with a new set of combinations of colors that enhance the contrast,” he adds.

The company said that the new brand will be effective as you get closer to the official launch of Android 10. Historically, the most recent versions of Android have come in the last week of August, so we hope to see you soon. We will keep you informed.

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