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Amazon renews its range of loudspeakers with the new Echo Studio

Clearly, Amazon is following in the footsteps of the manufacturers of phones, updating their products every year and introducing new ones. The line Echo is the main benefit of this strategy and the company of Seattle, knowing that there are many people transforming their homes into smart homes, continues to improve their devices and presenting new options. These are the new speakers were announced.

Echo Studio

amazon echo altavoces 2019 studio

This is the new member of the family Echo and the great novelty of the event 2019 the giant of electronic commerce. It comes with Dolby Atmos, which gives an incredible quality of sound to the horn. Just plug it in, Alexa calibrate the sound according to the space.

This new product has speakers on the sides and in the centre, that allow you to create a sound multi-directional, depending on where you stand. Has a driver of low of 5.25 inches, which complements very well the technology Dolby Atmos.

The Echo Studio will be able to connect with your devices Fire TV with 4K in order to have a completely immersive experience in audio as well as video. Is available for orders advanced by $199.99 dollars.

Immersive experience with 360 Reality Audio

amazon echo altavoces 2019 360 reality audio sony
Days after the presentation of Amazon, Sony announced that the content of 360 Reality Audio, which offers a new musical experience surround will be available on the new Amazon Echo Studio with Amazon Music HD for customers in the united States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan at the end of this year.

First announced at CES 2019, 360 Reality Audio is a music experience that uses the technology of “audio-based spatial objects” of Sony. This technology allows artists and music makers to develop and customize their productions to the map, the voices, choirs and instruments with positional information. This means that, when listeners listen to the content, can enjoy a musical experience that immerses you in the sound and makes them feel as if they were in front of their favorite artist. Sony is expanding its compatible audio devices, such as earphones and speaker systems, including the new Echo Studio.

Echo Dot clock

The Echo Dot is the most popular product from Amazon, as it is the most affordable way to make your home intelligent and have a virtual assistant that can turn on the lights or the tv with just a voice command.

The version 2019 comes with a feature that many will like: a watch. This is not a screen, but the inclusion of some LED lights on the side, so that you can see the time at night, and be without your watch that does not control anything.

One of the main features is that it not only displays the time, but you can also configure it to provide you with the temperature or the programming of your alarm. The best thing is that are a single touch, which will allow you to put it on “snooze” and sleep a few more minutes.

Is available for reservations for $59.99 dollars.

New Amazon Echo 2019

The Amazon Echo was the first product of the line Echo from Amazon and in 2019 continues with the same audio system of its predecessor, which has drivers of neodymium and woofers, 3-inch.

The changes that come are basically cosmetic, in addition to the choice of cases in fabric. The new colors available are Charcoal, Sandstone, Heather Gray and Twilight Blue.

Is available for reservations for $99.99 dollars.

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