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Amazon redesigns the app from the Alexa for that controls your smart home

amazon actualiza app alexa

The scope of the attendees of voice of the artificial intelligence is spreading like a forest fire, and each time we see more skills that are useful to unfold each day. Without a doubt, the ease of interaction seems to be crucial for those people who are still undecided in choosing the best intelligent assistant.

That’s why, now, Amazon has implemented an updated version of its application for Alexa, that includes a user interface significantly re-engineered, and promises greater ease of use and control. The change appears to be largely focused on helping users to configure and control the smart home. Without a doubt it was an update that many expected to receive since the previous version was a little easier to handle.

The visual changes are immediately apparent when you turn on the app, and focus on a new tab for Devices and Groups located at the bottom right of the screen. Now, directly from the new tab of the application you’ll be able to see all of your different devices, and enabled groups to Alexa on a single screen, instead of switching between tabs as before.

The visual appeal also seems to be an integral part of this update, with a more colorful design, and that attracts attention. Instead of the typical set of icons white on a dark background, the new groups of devices of Alexa now feature colorful backdrops. It seems that the intention is to simplify the search with visual cues, so that you can more easily find the device you need.

You can customize the way in which Alexa works on all your Android compatible devices through the installation of the application Alexa Amazon through the Google Play Store. You can also download the app from Alexa for iPhone in the App Store, however, unlike its counterpart, the functions of voice search are not available for Apple; Amazon says it plans to add the feature in the near future.

If you’ve never used a device enabled for Alexa, it’s worth taking a few minutes to customize things to your liking. For this, you just need to tap the menu icon three lines in the upper left corner of the app, and from there you can easily change your preferences.

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