Amazon is offering jobs to its service of streaming games

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New job offers in Amazon added more fuel to the rumors that the giant of sales, is in the final stretch to present a platform for streaming games.

Not long ago, we heard news that Amazon could announce its own service games in the cloud in 2020, competing with Google, Microsoft, Sony and Electronic Arts. Those rumors seem to be corroborated even more by the recent job offers from Amazon.

The signature of follow-up data Thinknum revealed that Amazon has been hiring new employees for jobs that seem to be related to a streaming service of games, and most recently the lists have included a producer of game engines, a head of live gaming services, and multiple positions for engineers in software development.

The division of games Amazon Game Studios is not new and is constantly working on the development of various video games. One of his current projects is a massive multiplayer online (MMO, for its acronym in English) from Lord of the Rings, that certainly fit the component of “live services” of various lists of work positions that just posted. Presumably, Amazon could make the game exclusive to their streaming service to attract subscribers, and probably would support the devices Fire existing. However, it would have to compete with the current game Lord of the Rings Online, which is still underway more than a decade after its initial release.

According to the information that we have heard so far, the plan of Amazon to their streaming service of games involves the integration with Twitch, a popular platform that bought several years ago. For its part, Google Stay use an integration that is similar with YouTube, and the Project is expected to xCloud Microsoft has support of the Mixer when it has its full launch in the future, given the recent acquisition of streamers key part of the company.

Streaming games in the cloud is still practically an unknown land, and Google has certainly not known to position to Stay as expected. That could change, but Amazon certainly has a great opportunity if you throw this terrain and done a better job.

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