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All you need to know about the tunnels of The Boring Company

túneles de The Boring Company

Previously, we had presented everything you should know about the new project of Elon Musk, The Boring Company, intended to build an underground system of rapid transit to help reduce traffic congestion. As they develop the various projects, the firm is demonstrating that it wants to take subways, high-speed to the great cities beyond the borders of the united States. Below, you will find all the news about the development of the tunnels of The Boring Company, as well as some milestones in the development of the process.

What the conquest of China?

Elon Musk has revealed that for the first time will be expanding the tunnel Boring Company to a foreign market: China. The founder of Tesla published in a tweet which officially announced this project, during his participation in the World Conference of Artificial Intelligence in the chinese city of Shanghai at the end of August.

It is not clear if you already have projects of specific tunnels in the asian nation or just of the first steps of the project, but to establish an outpost there, is significant, as it marks the first step of The Boring Company outside of the united States.

Station futuristic in Las Vegas

las vegas tuneles the boring company tunnel station

The authorities of the Department of Conventions and Visitors of Las Vegas approved to grant the company a contract of $48.6 million dollars to build the LVCC Loop, an underground transit system and high speed designed for transporting people around the gigantic Convention Center Las Vegas, one of the centers of this type world’s largest.

This center is used for trade shows and conventions, including the massive annual congress of technology Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Thanks to this project, will connect the east end of the Hall South of the convention center with the New exhibit Hall of the LVCC.

The path of a mile long, will include three stations, one of which will come to the exhibition rooms, central and north of the center. Up to 16 passengers at a time will be transported in large electric vehicles, with a design based on the Model X built by Tesla, another company owned by Musk. Future expansions to the LVCC Loop want to include extensions of service to arrive at the McCarran International Airport, hotels in the city centre, the Stadium and Las Vegas, to long-term, connect with The Angels

If everything goes as planned, construction will begin in September of 2019, with a completion date scheduled for December 2020, just in time for the convention of the CES in January 2021.

Tests in California

Elon Musk has offered a preview of the tunnel Boring Company, which promises to become the new medium of high-speed transport.

As released by CNBC, Elon Musk has shown his system of tunnel high-speed that it believes could reduce the traffic and congestion on the roads, as well as to suppose a real revolution in the way that the people we move and we move through the cities.

“I thought it was epic,” he underlined Musk as he described how it felt to go through the tunnel demonstration of Boring Co.

And it is not for less, since the tunnel demo, 1.14 miles long, has cost approximately $10 million dollars. The tunnel also passes under one of the main streets in Hawthorne, California.

During the presentation, Musk described the tunnels of Boring Co. as “a real solution to the traffic load”. Also, Boring Co. offered to the journalists present at the presentation, tours of demonstration through the tunnel on vehicles SUV Tesla Model X modified, that they were going 40 to 50 miles per hour.

However, for the moment it is just a demo and the tunnel final it is not known when it will be a reality. Thus, the course of demonstration, by now, is not as fluid as I would like to the passengers, because that feels like the wheels alignment collide against the walls of the via to maintain the SUV/ Tesla on course.

First Tesla touring one of the tunnels

Just a few hours after that Boring Company received permission to build its ambitious project in Chicago, Musk posted on YouTube what appears to be the first test of a Tesla in one of his famous tunnels.

As we can see, a Model X moves in an underground tunnel in los Angeles in The the way in which the team explained some months ago: the car is not moving but is located in a few rails that will move cars at high speeds.. In this case, the velocities are not supersonic, but for something begins.

Boring comes to Chicago

On the 14th of June, the mayor of Chicago announced that Boring will come to the “windy city” that will connect the international airport O’ Hare with the center of the city known as the “loop”. Would be 18 miles of construction with 16 passenger cars that will reach the speed of 150 miles per hour. This is the larger contract that Boring has reached up to now.

Still do not know when it will be ready or when it starts to build but the journey of 18 miles could be completed in just 12 minutes.

Tunnel almost complete in Los Angeles

The millionaire entrepreneur unveiled on the 10th of may that the first underground tunnel is almost complete. The announcement was made through a publication made in Instagram. According to Musk, will still require regulatory approvals to be able to finally offer the first trips in “some months” free of charge. In addition, it revealed that the capsules that carry passengers pedestrians from one side to the other side of the tunnel, will cost less than a bus ticket.

The progress of these tunnels has been shown by the very Musk from its account of Instagram. The first photo of a tunnel excavated by his new company under the streets of Los Angeles, showed that it was actually doing his ambitious project.

The image showed something beyond a simple hole muddy that many were expecting to see. On the contrary, it was clear that the team was been doing some serious work on this first tunnel, building completely the tunnel section with all the necessary components.

All because of the traffic…

Musk, a man who certainly is not shy to advocate for great ideas, mentioned for the first time his plan futuristic in the last year, one that apparently happened while he was trapped in his car on a freeway jammed.

“The traffic is driving me crazy”, he wrote on Twitter in December of 2016. “I’m going to build a tunnel boring machine tunnels and simply I will start to dig…” At that time, no one knew what I was talking about, but it is now certainly put him in the clear.

The project, if carried out to its completion, will include the construction of an extensive network of tunnels that cross the city, where vehicles would be transported through tunnels on-board platform power type sled to speeds of up to 150 mph.

Each vehicle and its occupants would be lowered from the street level up to the platform, while cyclists and pedestrians who want to use the system must enter into large pods available for public use. The sleds would change the tunnel initial towards the lateral tunnels to exit, enter to the main artery in order to keep the system in motion. “This is a big difference in comparison with the subways that stop at each stop, whether you have that down or not,” said Musk.

In your page of Instagram, where he published the photo of the tunnel, Musk said that the first route of the Boring Company will be “more or less parallel” to Interstate 405 from the Los Angeles international airport to Route 101, with entry and exit ramps of each kilometer more or less. At this time the tunnel is 500 feet long (152 meters), although it should reach about two miles (3.2 km) in about four months.

The tunnel partially completed Musk confirms its determination to ensure that the project is carried out, although the drivers of Los Angeles will have to wait years for a network usable to evolve and be completed. In fact, to build a system truly effective will require not only large sums of money, but also years of construction work that will be disruptive in the entire city, leaving Musk, the task of persuading the authorities that the project is really worthwhile.

It is impossible to say if the ambitious plan of Musk will become once in a complete system, but The Boring Company certainly is making progress by leaps and bounds.

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