All Windows 10 apps that Microsoft will "kill" in 2021

Windows 10 updates have become a common denominator for Microsoft's operating system ; with the turn of the year, some of your applications and programs are coming, which means that others will be discontinued.

Fortunately for Windows 10 users, Microsoft usually gives advance notice of the services that will be discontinued . The changes will only begin in the second week of January, so stay tuned for updates and remember that although you will be able to continue using the applications that will no longer receive technical support from Microsoft, you run the risk of being the target of computer attacks, since the lack of support results in the absence of security updates.

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January 11: TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 for Exchange Online

As of January 11, the Microsoft Exchange Online email service will no longer support the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocols, so in order to continue communicating with your contacts, you must upgrade to TLS 1.2, which, according to Microsoft, offers greater security.

February 15: Skype for Business Online Connector

Microsoft is determined to make Teams the application for video calls, regardless of whether they are corporate or leisure. With this goal in mind, as of February 15, Microsoft will no longer support Skype for Business Online Connector. If you use it, upgrade to Microsoft Teams to stay online.

March 9: Original Microsoft Edge

We mean the edge of the logo with a stylized “e” shape , not the one that looks like a bluish wave or whirlpool. If you are still using the original Edge, remember that from March 9 Microsoft will stop providing security updates, which will expose you to cyber attacks.

Note that if you install the Windows 10 October 2020 update, you will automatically have the latest version of Edge installed.

August 17: no more Office 365 in Internet Explorer 11

In case you work in a government office where Internet Explorer is still used, notify technical support that the Office 365 applications will stop working. We believe that it is unlikely that someone will run Office apps in Internet Explorer, but if Microsoft anticipates the change it is for something.

September 30: Visio Web Access

Speaking of the corporate world, by the end of September Microsoft will remove Visio Web Access from SharePoint Online. So if you want to share diagrams with Visio you should start using Visio Web Access .

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