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All that we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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Although very recently, Samsung launched the long-awaited Galaxy S10 and showed the Galaxy Fold, from have already begun to hear rumors of the next Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which according to several sources will come to revolutionize the line of devices Note.

Either because you’re a fan of the Note, or simply are looking for ideas for your next phone, the Galaxy Note 10 is shaping up as a great option. Below, we tell you everything we know about this famous phablet from Samsung.


Get ready to hear this question in every new phone that is released this 2019. Now, in this particular case, there is a high probability that the Note 10 comes with connectivity 5G built-in, such as happens in the Galaxy S10 5G.

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Still missing months for the launch, so that there is not yet any information really solid. However, the rumors about the connectivity 5G are persistent. The latest news refer to the source code of the kernel for the chipset Exynos launched by Samsung along with the range Galaxy S10. The code makes mention of a “davinci5g”, and given that the current code name of the Note 10 is just “davinci”, this mention seems to refer unambiguously to a model 5G in Note 10, or even a Note 10 that will support the connectivity 5G as a standard specification.

Before this, a leak from Sammobile said that the new Note 10 is to be known as “SM-N975F”. While this may not seem strange, it is more common for this model, the numbers end with a “5” before the letter F, and not a “0”. How could this wanderer 5 indicate connectivity 5G? It is a possibility.


As there are still a few months away from the release of the Note 10, we are still just seeing what the next phablet of large size of Samsung could offer, but the first rumors began to disclose a device truly revolutionary.

While the phone manufacturers around the world are testing the idea of replacing the notch divisive with the perforated screen, Samsung you can use one of the unique elements of the range Note to avoid it completely.

According to a patent discovered by Android Police, Samsung will attempt to embed a camera in selfie inside the S Pen of the Note 10, so as to avoid the need to create a front-facing camera, and allowing a true experience of full screen.

The long form of the S Pen would also make it possible to compress an optical zoom in the camera. Let us remember that the optical zoom lenses need physical space to operate, and the bodies of the smart phones are generally too thin to accommodate them, although some manufacturers have tried to avoid them.

To be able to squeeze in an optical zoom in the S Pen would be a real victory for Samsung, but the truth is we are confident that it will not be a simple goal to achieve.


Unfortunately, not much is known about the Galaxy Note 10, but have emerged with reports on the size of the screen of the phone. According to a report iGeekphone.comthe Galaxy Note 10 will have a screen a mass of 6.66 inches. Without a doubt oh, that would be pretty big! and it would make the phone’s screen was that much bigger than the current Galaxy Note 9, that has a panel of 6.4 inches, and bigger than even the iPhone XS Max, that offers a 6.5-inch screen. The report also points out that the phone currently has the code name “DaVinci”.

But, the big question is why Samsung wants to make a screen so big? And the truth is, that, apparently, is not just on a whim. It is likely that the device offers a design edge-to-edge, which means that the relationship screen-body is much higher than that of the Galaxy phones earlier, and that will allow the phone to offer a larger screen while still retaining a body of similar size.

Of course, the most interesting of the phone will be the design. Samsung has been working on ways of placing cameras, sensors, fingerprint and speakers below the screen, which allows the company to cover the entire front of a phone with the screen while still offering the features that you would expect from a flagship phone.


There have sprung many leaks about the phone’s specs, but we can speculate given the Galaxy Note previous. The phone Galaxy Note usually has the latest and best processor from Qualcomm, and we expect this also to be the case. The Galaxy Note 9 provides options for 6GB and 8GB of RAM, and we expect the Galaxy Note 10 to offer a similar amount. The storage may be similar also.


When it comes to a launch date, the Galaxy series usually launches towards the end of the summer, so expect to see the Galaxy Note 10, in August or September of 2019. Recently, manufacturers have increased the price of their phones badge, and it is likely that the Galaxy Note 10 cost you at least $1,000 dollars.

We will update this article as we hear more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

*Updated by Daniel Matus on 13 march 2019.

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