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All that we know about the new watches intelligent BMW of Fossil

smartwatch bmw de fossil roundel 1 720x720The watch brand Fossil has shown its first smart devices with the name of BMW. Although this news attracts the attention should not be a surprise, since after the two companies announced a partnership in 2018, they said that in the near future would be a smartwatch BMW of Fossil.

Speaking about the partnership, Johnson Verghese, Manager at Fossil Group, expressed his satisfaction for having been associated with one of the leading global players in automotive design”, to create these watches are dynamic. “Fossil and BMW are very committed to offering distinctive designs, as well as excellent craftsmanship to their customers. These values are shared between the two brands form the basis of our partnership,” said Verghese. “We are confident that the collections BMW X Fossil will further enhance the legacy of the brand, by offering world class watches for enthusiasts all around the world.”

But, Will it be a watch hybrid or only have a touch screen? What are design models? Where and when you can buy? We have answers to these and other questions. This is everything we know so far about the smartwatch BMW of Fossil.


Although already knew about the plans of both companies enter into the market with a new product, which had not been announced at that time, is that this watch would be a model of touch screen and not a watch hybrid.

The first watches BMW have been showcased in the show of watches to Baselworld, which currently takes place in Basel, Switzerland. While Fossil manufactures watches hybrids along with their touch-screen models, the smartwatch BMW will be a model of touch-screen and, therefore, it is very likely that you use the software Wear OS of Google. For the moment not shared by other details of the final product, but we can expect a similar design to that was presented, along with some features that are related to BMW.


The company Fossil designs and distributes watches made in collaboration with BMW, and the models that we present in these photographs below are some of the first designs. Currently, the range of new watches are divided into two alignments: a collection inspired by motor sports, and a collection of classic style.

The company also works with Skagen, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Diesel, and Emporio Armani, all of which have clocks smart in the range. Being that very few watch manufacturers have launched similar models of the automotive brand, the BMW would remain almost alone in this field. Aston Martin teamed up with Tag Heuer in a limited edition of Connected Modular 45, for example, but in reality few others exist.

We had the opportunity to use some of the watches and we tested the classic versions, that use the famous BMW Roundel as part of the dial of the watch. Interestingly, the colors match the colors of BMW, so it will be possible to match your watch with the paint finish of your car. We can speculate that the sides of the screen in the future smartwatch will replicate this design.


The prices of the watches launched vary between $ $ 295 and $375, which corresponds to the average price of smart watches from Fossil. Did not give a specific date, but yes, it was announced that the launch of the smartwatch BMW of Fossil is planned for some time in the 2020.

So that it would be unveiled up to now, the association between Fossil and BMW will last until at least the year 2023. However, outside of a vague release date next year, we don’t know exactly when you will be the smart watch of BMW. However, the mechanical designs another will come out soon, but we’ll have to wait for the version smart. We will keep you informed with the latest news.

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