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Alcatel tells us why the mexican market it is important to

Alcatel presented in Mexico City her cell 3X (2019), which is distinguished by having a main camera with triple lens and it enables the firm to jump to the mid-range, according to Jonathan Avila, director of Product of the company in Latin America.

“In Alcatel we have spent almost 14 years in the mexican market, which is a plus point because the user already identifies us. Although our choice of smartphones is below the $3,000 mexican pesos, with the Alcatel 3X (2019) we are making inroads in the mid-range”, emphasized the manager.

alcatel 3x 2019 mexico avila

He added that this new member, that was first presented at IFA 2019, difference to Alcatel of the competition, particularly by offering advanced features, such as screen Super FullView of 6.52 inches (HD+), base storage of 64 GB and processor MediaTek Helium P23 of eight cores, at a price of $3,999 pesos.

“We are covering a large part of the features you are looking for the consumer for a excellent cost. Yes, it is possible to find phones from $3,499, but with 32 GB of storage,” said Avila.

With the Alcatel 3X (2019), the mark closed the launch of cellular in Mexico. Other smartphones that were revealed in the past few months are the Alcatel 3, Alcatel 3C (screen 6.7 inches) and Alcatel 1S, which has an approximate price of $2,499 pesos.

On mexican consumers, Avila indicated that they want to invest their money in a “healthy manner”, as they look to teams that will give them the best balance between features and price: “it Is here where we ‘click’ with the client because (with a phone Alcatel) feel that they are investing their money well,” he said.

With respect to the participation of Alcatel in Mexico, Avila was recognized that the competition between the three leading brands is strong, then, “our goal is to be within the first five brands of the market.”

Alcatel 3X (2019)

alcatel 3x 2019 mexico 5

Avila stated that the Alcatel 3X (2019) will be your strong bet to be distinguished in the middle range: “we Want the consumer sets us apart in this price segment ($4,000) with this smartphone”.

In addition to its triple camera, the phone incorporates a RAM memory of 4 GB, battery of 4,000 mAh, display-aspect-ratio high range (20:9), Android operating system 9.0 Foot, face unlock, fingerprint sensor and a dedicated button to the Google Assistant. The cell comes to Telcel this week, in colors black and green.

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