Adobe suspends services in Venezuela to comply with the orders of Trump

Photoshop es una de las aplicaciones más populares de Adobe.

Adobe Systems Incorporated became the first company in the united States to comply strictly with the executive order of the government of Donald Trump, which prohibits virtually all transactions and services between companies, entities and individuals americans in Venezuela.

The firm, responsible for the development of popular design applications and audio-visual work such as Illustrator, Photoshop or Lightroom, it said that users of Venezuela will be unable to access any type of software or services, even those that are free of charge, and they will not have the possibility of making new purchases.

However, the company indicated that its customers will have a grace period, which expires on October 28, 2019, to download any content you have stored any Adobe account, via Creative Cloud, Lightroom, Document Cloud and Adobe Spark.

The united states imposed last August 5 a lien to the property of the state of Venezuela on american soil, in addition to enacting a series of restrictions to conduct business activities in the country ruled by Nicolas Maduro, to which Donald Trump is accused of maintaining a prolonged usurpation of power and violating human rights.

The interpretation of Adobe is more radical than that adopted other companies that also provide services in the cloud, such as Microsoft with Office 365, which continue to operate without difficulties in Venezuela.

No refund

“According to the Executive Order 13884, u.s. companies are severely restricted in commercial activities within Venezuela. As a result, we are ceasing all activity with entities and individuals in Venezuela, as well as those that otherwise meet the criteria of the Executive Order 13884, or other regulations of sanctions of the united States,” said the company.

Adobe announced that it will continue to monitor the development of the conflict between the governments of the united States and Venezuela. We will keep you informed with the development of this situation.

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