About Borderlands 3: everything we know about the anticipated game

After the success of Borderlands 2, developed by Gearbox Software, in 2012, the fans of the series eagerly await the return of the sequel to perhaps clear the mystery about the mysterious end of the previous story. Although the series has been expanded with a couple of spin-offs -2K Australia’s Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! and tales from the Borderlands from Telltale– Gearbox last the long-awaited launch of Borderland 3. But we know a lot more of this game, so I’ll tell you everything about Borderlands 3 then.

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No, it is not yet possible to play Borderlands 3, but Gearbox has hidden something related to the game within the Attikus of Battleborn and the DLC Thrall Rebellion. The youtuber HandsomeJackBoy saw a graffiti on a wall located behind a door in the DLC that seems to say “Promethea”, and it also contains a symbol of the Vault. Promethea is a planet in the universe of Borderlands and could well be the scene of Borderlands 3.

In the trailer of the official announcement of the game, we were able to see other places, included a large stage with buildings with neon lights. These could be a planet completely independent also.


In GDC, the CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, made a technical demonstration of what was possible to do with the artistic style of Borderlands using the improved engine. The latest-generation technology has allowed Gearbox to experiment more with the thick black outlines you see around the objects and characters of the series. Instead of that they all have a “weight line” uniform, now all this will vary to give us a look more nuanced. You can also see more details of the lines in the interior of the objects on the outside.

The line work and the advances in the technology of lighting are particularly impressive when it shows a character model. The “ray of God” can be seen through the armpit of the character, and the light can really shine through the objects to create a shadow on the environments behind the people. Pitchford was also quite secretive about the identity of a character shown in the technical demonstration, suggesting that they could be in the final game.


Borderlands 3 brings four new characters and we present them in the trailer of the official announcement. Like in the previous games of the series, each is of a different type and have combat skills only.

Amara: as a new addition to the type Siren, Amara brings a stronger focus on melee combat. Their ability of action is to concentrate six arms telekinetic attack of punches.

FL4K: also known as the “Master of the Beast”, this robot is not binary it belongs to the type Hunter and have a weakness for bugs. His ability for action summons different beasts as Skag, Spiderant and a mysterious creature that walks on two legs and carries his own gun.

Moze: giving us important vibrations apocalyptic D. Va, Moze gives a new twist to the type Gunner to get rid of the turret stationary, and summon the “Iron Bear Mech” (Mechanism of the Bear of Iron).

Zane: like Zer0 from Borderlands 2, and Zane, known as “The Operative”, it interprets the type Assassin. Their skills of action use a drone that sends the battle to help do damage.


Borderlands 3 will feature some of the characters from the three previous games. In a teaser – style Westworld, with characters who seem to figures printed in 3D, you will briefly see Sir Hammerlock and that seems to be Lilith, wearing a pair of wings. Randy Pitchford confirmed that both will be in the game, and also that Tiny Tina will return as a character more.

The characters of Borderlands, Mordecai, Lilith and Brick will appear in Borderlands 3, as well as the characters of Borderlands 2, Maya, and Zer0. The tales of the Borderlands, are represented with the appearance of Rhys.

A character that will not return is the Handsome Jack, as it was confirmed that he was dead during the announcement. Pitchford also said that the character Scooper, the son of a mechanical Scooter, it could be a character in the game. Scooper was originally created as a joke without sense.


There are several new enemies in Borderlands 3, including those who play with the characters in “Psycho” of the previous games. We know that will be the same psychos (Psychos), and finally with their female counterparts. A huge enemy that looks like a villain from Resident Evil 2 – mutated will also be in the game, as well as some other large and fearsome enemies of the beasts, one of which looks like a T-Rex.

The two main rivals of Borderlands 3 are Troy and Tyreen Calypso, also known as the twins Calypso. Are the leaders of the “Children of the Vault” (Children of the Vault), but his motives exact are still not clear.


Borderlands 3 will make it easier for the players to enjoy the co-op experience. A function of synchronization levels will not only make the players to be equally capable of dealing with the baddies that arise during the sessions of cooperation, but they will also gain a booty that belongs to them alone instead of sharing it with the rest of your group. This should facilitate the concentration on the action.


Although Nintendo Switch has attracted many third-party developers, such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and the publisher 2K Games Borderlands, we won’t see that Borderlands 3 comes to the console. The ceo of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, revealed the news when he was questioned by a fan on Twitter, saying that the study had spoken with Nintendo but that “it is stopped for any reason” and that Nintendo has “other priorities”.


Little is known about the weapons that players will use in Borderlands 3, but there is the possibility that we may see the flamethrower Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX. The Boring Company, of Musk, is taking pre-orders of $500 dollars of what they called the “flamethrower safest in the world”, that seems straight out of a movie Alien. The design of the flame thrower seems perfect for a game of Borderlands, and when the ceo of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, asked about the possibility of including it in the sequel, Musk agreed. The flamethrower Musk will probably need a power increase if you want to be useful as a weapon in the game. The current version only launches flames to a few meters, which makes this weapon pretty ineffective in most combat situations.


In June 2017, Polygon reported that the scriptwriter main Borderlands 3, Mikey Neumann, resigned his position in the Gearbox due to health complications arising from multiple sclerosis. It is not clear what kind of impact will the departure of Neumann in the development of the game. With few details known, it is not clear what part of the story has been completed. You have not said who, if there will be someone, will assume the role of Neumann.

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