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A phone Alcatel without bezels will debut at CES 2019

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Only A few days to celebrate technology event of the year in Las Vegas, that is to say, the CES 2019, TCL has already advanced what we can expect from the company.

Of the innovations that we expect to see, it should be noted that TCL will launch or be presented during the CES 2019 the first phone Alcatel without bevels or edges, that is to say, that “will include the display of full display manufactured by TCL”, as underlines the firm.

On the other hand, TCL remember that BlackBerry phones still have a life ahead of you. That is to say, the company will carry its full line of BlackBerry smartphones in Las Vegas, including the BlackBerry model KEY2 and KEY2 to HIM, and will share the latest availability for these devices in the united States and in other markets of the world.

However, the firm does not account, still nothing about the release of new BlackBerry phones.

TCL, on the other hand, pull out chest of your technology Full View Display. Is more, the firm stresses that “the close collaboration of the supply chain with CSOT ensures support is appropriate and the utility of the latest display technologies”.

In particular, “in TCL Communication, we continue to push the evolution of our products and mobile Internet, and while our devices, Alcatel and BlackBerry at CES will show what we can offer today, our new technology of screen shows what we will offer in the future, “ said Peter Lee, General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing of TCL Communication.

Without a doubt, TCL has major competitors in the telephony world, and if you want to become a hollow, will have to innovate and jump on the bandwagon of the latest trends as the big screens with the frames smaller, phones, faster operating systems, efficient and intuitive user interfaces and memories, and batteries big enough to keep up with the pace of life and connectivity current users.

Did you get it? Oh well, we’ll see!

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