A new iPad 13″ could have OLED screen with resolution 8K

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Although each year there is a wider variety of options in the world of tablets high-end, what is certain is that Apple continues to dominate the market with its iPad Pro, a tablet powerful and versatile that is ideal for creative and professional. And now, it is speculated that new cutting-edge technology could further consolidate its position, if it is found the way to get to their screens.

According to a report in Apple Insider, the company-developer of technology to japanese Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, has created OLED displays 8.3 and 13.3 inches with a resolution of 8K, paving the way for the future iPad models, iPad Pro and even MacBook offer high pixel densities.

It is stated that the panels have a resolution of 7,680 by 4,320 pixels for both sizes, with the release of 8.3 inches that is updated at 60Hz, while the panel of 13.3 inches can operate at up to 120Hz. Technically, on the basis of pixels per inch, this means that the panel of 8.3 inches it has a pixel density of 1,062, while the largest model offers 663ppi. The company has shown the panel of 8.3 inches in the event of Semicon Japan in December, although the OLED display 13.3-inch still has not been shown outside their facilities.

The development of screen resolution 8K is a natural progression of the panels 4K that are used in tvs, monitors, and some smart phones. However, higher resolutions could present challenges for manufacturers of mobile devices, because they require more processing resources and energy to control the screens, in comparison with the versions of lower resolution, which hinders the adaptation of the technology to the mobile platform.

This seems to be one of the reasons why some experts are of the opinion that it is unlikely that we’ll see some commercial device that provides OLED displays with this technology in 2019, as the designs used are preliminary versions, and would require a partnership with manufacturing partners to be able to be built and sold. We will keep you informed with the latest developments of this new technology and its possible inclusion in the world of portable devices.

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