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A movie Russian wants to be the first blockbuster in vertical format

The overcrowding of the cell, and the multiple applications that already have video as their main source of income, such as Instagram, Tik Tok , and Snapchat, has made the model the vertical recording go taking strength.

However, it is one thing to venture out with videos of 2 3 minutes and another thing different is to make a feature film in this format. At least in Russia they think they have the formula to convert a tape recorded using this technique, in the first box-office success vertical.

That is the premise of director Timur Bekmambetov, Russian filmmaker who has worked in Hollywood on productions such as Ben Hur, Wanted and Searching and now wants to dabble with their own movie: V2. Escape From Hell.

The production is intended to be recorded entirely in portrait format and as reports Deadline, is based on the real life story of a pilot-soviet hijacks a plane to escape from a German concentration camp.

This is not the first time Bekmambetov starts operating in this type of recordings, as was the Dead Of Night original Snap (which specializes in contents, short vertical). He also produced experimental projects and technological in the past, including the thriller John Cho Searching and Hardcore Henry, which was filmed in first person perspective.

“Visually, the film is built around a person; this is a story about a man who gets up and straightens the shoulders despite the circumstances. And on a rescue plane that rises towards the sky, “ said the filmmaker about the plot of his film.

What is certain is that V2. Escape From Hell is absolutely designed for the mobile phones, in fact, is being coproduced by the mobile operator Russian MTS, which will be launched in the country through its own digital platform.

The film will begin in the next few days his recordings in Russia and is expected to be available in 2021, will be released in local language and also in English, with different scenes for each market, but always respecting and thinking in this format that is expected to be blockbuster.

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