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A bolt of lightning we managed to maintain a 17-second active in a storm

When there’s a storm, the lights tend to last on average of 2 to 6 seconds as a maximum, but this was not the case in a city in Argentina.

More than a year ago, specifically on march 4, 2019, there was bad weather in the country, and experts were able to keep a record of the lightning longest ever recorded.

According to a report published by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) this week, the lightning happened in Argentina during the 2019 was “as long as the length of the chorus of the song “Raspberry Beret” and exceeding by more than 10 seconds the previous world record in this type of phenomena”.

With respect to the former leader on the podium of the lightning, this had happened in France on August 30, 2012, and reached a maximum length (including flash of light) of 7.74 seconds.

Returning to the current winner, their difference is for the experts quite high, since the beam occurred in the Latin american country reached a total duration of 17 seconds, covering a distance of about 500 kilometers in the sky.

Un rayo se logró mantener 17 segundos activo en una tormenta

In the words of Randall Cerveny, rapporteur-in-chief of the WMO “these are records of extraordinary events in thunderstorms. The environmental extremes are measurements living of what nature is capable of, as well as the scientific progress to make these measurements”.

The process for forming a lightning occurs in the following way:

  • Two regions electrically charged in the atmosphere or in the Earth even temporarily.
  • This process is intensified when it is generated by storm clouds, because they carry electric charges.
  • The lighter particles and positively charged at the top of a cloud, in addition to the more heavy and negative that are located in clusters, can be loaded simultaneously and create rays giant.

The team of experts is observing this type of phenomena around the world, thanks to a method satellite that can record the location, duration, flash and distance of the sky a flash of lightning.

For now, researchers will continue to refine their teams and so continue to monitor the electrical activity generated in the Earth, which on many occasions is usually a unique spectacle on the planet.

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